Study Reveals Way More People Are Hooking Up In Public Than You’d Ever Guess

To many people, there’s something alluring about having sex outdoors. Maybe it’s the rush of adrenaline or the vulnerability of getting caught. Maybe it feels more intimate to be passionate under the stars. Regardless, a lot of people are turned on by the thought of having sex in public.

Superdrug decided to shed some light on where we’ve had public sex and just how often we took our passion outdoors. They surveyed 2,000 participants and gained some interesting insight. At least 56% of men and 43% of women admitted that the idea of having sex in public was a turn-on. Let’s take a look at the top spots for some sexual sightseeing.


Even without the graphic, the park and the beach would be my wild guesses for the top spots. According to the study, at least 16.8% of participants admitted to having sex at a park with the beach following closely behind at 13%. Considering how easy it is to find a private spot behind a bush or tree, the park is probably the easiest place for a public quickie. I’m totally not speaking from personal experience. This is all science!

In my opinion, I’m a little turned off by sex on the beach. It sounds romantic, but getting sand everywhere? I think I’ll pass on that one. Kudos to you if you’ve tried it and like it in good conscience. Further down the line, about 9% of people admitted they had sex in a public bathroom and in a public parking lot/garage. I’m not shaming you, but you guys are kinky AF.

Comparatively, Superdrug also took a look at where people fantasized about having sex. It’s one thing to have sex at a park and it’s another thing to imagine it, right?


I can definitely relate to quite a few of these that would get me feeling warm under the collar. Beaches claimed the top spot at 10.5% with parks coming in as a close second. Although, I’m pretty sure that’s because people actually have more sex in the park, so they don’t even have to imagine it. Interestingly enough, the places that scored low in the previous graphic are imagined more frequently.

Almost 6% of participants daydreamed about having sex in an empty classroom, rooftop, or garage. I can definitely see the appeal in some of these, but unfortunately, the chances of getting caught in a classroom or an elevator are way too high to actually try it. As much as I like the idea, I’d rather not have public indecency on my record. Imagine trying to explain that one. Yikes.


Now that we know just how many of us would be turned on by public sex, how many of us would actually do it? If you could guarantee that you wouldn’t get caught, would you? Superdrug asked participants the difficult question and the answers were split.

Almost 34% of men and 21% of women admitted that they would have sex in public if given the chance. Overall, women expressed more reluctance and shyness about public sex, with 16.1% declaring that they would never have it at all and only 9% agreeing to do it just to satisfy their partner.

I can see how the thrill of public sex can seem appealing and tantalizing to some. It’s a fun way to spice up your sex life and brings you closer to your partner in more ways than one. If you are considering having sex in the great outdoors, take the danger and legalities into consideration. I don’t want you using this study as an excuse to get caught with your pants down. You don’t want to be arrested for public indecency after all.

Superdrug is one service dedicated to your sexual health. They offer confidential and convenient treatment options, including sending treatments discretely to your home or office. Stay safe, wherever you play.

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