Emma Stone Sends Teen Corsage & Boutonniere After ‘La La Land’ Promposal

While Emma Stone couldn’t make it to Arizona teenager Jacob Staudenmaier’s prom, she DID want to make sure he and his date looked sharp for their big evening. The Oscar-winning starlet sent the couple a beautiful corsage and matching boutonniere along with a handwritten note thanking Jacob for his thoughtful offer.

IM ASKING EMMA STONE TO PROM, and decided to recreate the opening scene from la la land @RyanGosling @LaLaLand @johnjayandrich #prom pic.twitter.com/l28R2rv3I7

— Jacob Staudenmaier (@upsettrout) April 4, 2017

Back in April, Jacob asked Emma Stone to prom in his (and her) hometown of Scottsdale, Arizona with an elaborate video parodying La La Land’s opening number, “Another Day of Sun.” The video quickly gained a lot of attention, partially due to its complexity and partially due to the fact that Jacob happens to resemble a young Ryan Gosling (yeah, I can see it).

With the help of the internet, it wasn’t long before word of the promposal reached Emma herself, who promptly responded despite not being able to go.

“Jacob, thanks for making the greatest proposal I have ever received. I can’t tell you what an honor that was and how much I smiled through that entire beautifully orchestrated video,” Jacob read from Stone’s note while on Good Morning America, “I’m in London working, but I hope you have the best time at prom, and I’m grateful you thought of me. Thank you. P.S. I do see Gosling around the eyes. Love, Emma.”

While Jacob was planning on going with a group of friends after the failed promposal, we see that his prom plans obviously changed. Jacob commented via his YouTube channel following prom stating that “prom was fun except for when our bus driver brake checked us and we went flying.”

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