This Viral ‘Pizza Girl’ Photo Is A True Masterpiece

You find the most unique people on public transportation, awake or asleep. You cannot help but either be amused by them or just straight creeped out. But I can guarantee you that this photo of a woman knocked out on the train will most definitely amuse you, and possibly even relate to her.

A photo of a woman who was clearly passed out in the London underground at about 8:00 A.M. on a Saturday morning is truly deserving of going viral, mostly because her entire pizza pie was slipped out of the box and gradually laid on the train floor. Brilliant.

Big night (it's 8am)

— James Longman (@JamesAALongman) April 29, 2017

No matter what this woman was going through at the time, I’m sure we can all relate to the fact that something to pure and beautiful in life is slipping out of our hands without being aware of it. I’m blown away by this masterpiece.

And the one to capture the amazing moment was none other than BBC reporter and onlooker James Longman, who even suggested to start a crowdfunding campaign to raise money and help the girl get a new pizza pie.

Of course, the photo immediately went viral and Twitter users everywhere were going nuts over it. Some users pointed out that the pizza was still on the paper, which makes it edible. Thank God!

— Summer Ray (@SummerRay) April 30, 2017

it's still on the paper, totally edible

— Christopher Sebela (@xtop) April 29, 2017

Nonetheless, we can all see ourselves as this woman and we’d definitely still eat the pizza because a pizza that amazing shouldn’t go to waste. Even if it was laying on the train floor. Five second rule?

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