Why Are People Reposting A Red Bathing Suit On Instagram?

Sunny Co Clothing red bathing suit

Sunny Co Clothing

What is happening?

If you’ve scrolled through your Instagram feed today, somewhere amongst Unicorn Frappe’s and #OOTDs, you’ve probably noticed a red bathing suit reposted on your friends’ pages. All of your friends. Every single one.

It looks like this.


Well, it turns out that a company called Sunny Co Clothing is giving away red bathing suits to anyone who reposts the photo of the one-piece and tags their brand. The offer is only valid in the United States and only lasts for today!

One day after the photo is reposted, Instagram users will receive a code to use on the brand’s website in order to receive the “free” bathing suit.

Here’s the catch: it’s not exactly free.

The bathing suit normally costs $64.99 and though reposters will get the suit for a fraction of the cost, they’ll still have to pay shipping and handling.

Needless to say, some people are a bit skeptical, while others had a bit more of a sense of humor.

Personally, we’re hoping you get the red bathing suit if you reposted and that shipping and handling will cost you as little money as possible. Also, we’re hoping you set up a cute matching pic with your friends.


According to some social media users, the brand has run out of swimsuits.

One Facebook commenter wrote, “Yup and my daughter now has a bill of 89.00 NON REFUNDABLE!!!! They won’t give her money back!!! SCAMMERS!!!! Someone call Better Business Bureau on these guys….”

Their own Instagram says that they reserve the right to run out of stock (which companies do after a high volume of sales) and that shipping will be done within 3-6 weeks. They also provide the promo code for the swimsuit (Sunny) but claim that it will only work for reposters.

Though this wouldn’t necessarily qualify as a “scam,” it’s not exactly the most efficient or transparent deal for a free swimsuit.

The brand has now deleted their Instagram and it’s alleged that they will not respond to customers. We’ve reached out to the owners personally and will add their comments if/when we hear back.

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