5 Practical Graduation Gifts That You’ll Actually Use

I get that it’s the thought that counts when it comes to gifts, but let’s face it. Those pretty flowers will die in three days and you don’t sleep with teddy bears anymore. The age of “cutesy” graduation gifts needs to come to an end. After graduating, we’re stuck hunting for jobs and fighting over internships. It would be nice to get a leg up on the competition, and a stuffed animal isn’t going to help.

What? Someone had to say it!

Before you start getting angry at me, think about it like this. Wouldn’t it be better to know that your gift is actually getting used? Not to mention the things on this list are rarely ever re-gifted. Did I change your mind about that pretty bouquet now?

Here are 5 practical gifts you can get for your lucky graduate.

Gift Cards


You might feel like it’s thoughtless, but believe me when I say I love gift cards. Money is always a welcome gift and, if you think about it, getting a gift card is a lot more personal than cold, hard cash. You put thought into what kind of stores your graduate frequents and it’ll help them save money. I would personally recommend Amazon gift cards for their accessibility, but if you know they love a specific store (like Sephora or GameStop) don’t be afraid to branch out.



I really wish I had one. Although my backpack from school is still in pretty good condition, it’s not the best thing to bring to an office. Most graduates don’t have the extra cash to get a good quality briefcase, so if you have money to burn why not give them something special? Amazon offers a lot of deals for formal bags. Depending on where you buy them, you can even get a pretty good bag for about $15.

Interview Clothes


Graduation is the perfect opportunity to step up your wardrobe. Now that your graduate will be fighting for jobs, they’ll need new clothes for interviews. If you really want to spoil them, you can set up a personal stylist session to help them find the most well-suited clothes to get a leg up on the competition. Who knows? Maybe you’ll book an appointment for yourself, too.

Professional Photo Session


Resumes are constantly being revised and sites like LinkedIn typically require profile photos. You want your employer to remember your face both before and after they meet you in person. Rather than use their SnapChat selfie when applying for jobs, help your grad by getting a professional headshot. Once they get their dream job, you can gloat about how the photoshoot got them the interview.

Web Cam


More and more jobs are using the internet for interviews and remote work. Heck, I had to have a Skype interview from my iPhone once. For the record, it went horribly because the lighting was horrible and the reception was bad. See if you can get your graduate a good quality web cam instead of the cheap dollar store variety.

Are these gifts on the pricier side? Yes. I will be the first to painfully admit that. But it’ll be a long time before your fresh graduate will be able to buy these on their own. If you know it’ll go towards a good cause, why not spoil them a little before they step into the working world?

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