All Of The Best Reactions To Who Killed Jason Blossom On ‘Riverdale’

Last night on the world’s soapiest, most inexplicably addicting new teen drama, we ~finally~ found out who killed Jason Blossom — and it was not who anyone was expecting.

Jason Blossom’s DAD was revealed to be his murderer, and before we could get any answers, we discovered that he took his own life… out of guilt? Out of shame? Out of some other force that makes little-to-no sense but is deeply convoluted and eerie and on-brand for this show?

Some saw the reveal coming:

Many were less perturbed by the murderer than by the possible motive behind it:

Some did their best not to spoil it for others:

The cast themselves were SHOOK:

Some started mapping out family trees:

And others were dwelling on other concerns:

The season finale is next Thursday, and they had better give us some ANSWERS.

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