Colton Haynes Opens Up About Dealing With Anxiety

More and more celebrities have been opening up about their experiences with depression, anxiety, and other mental health struggles, and a new campaign for Child Mind Institute, #MyYoungerSelf, celebrates and encourages that trend.

#MyYoungerSelf asks celebrities to share stories of their struggles with mental health with their fans in the hopes of countering stigma and raising awareness about the prevalence of said struggles.

The project involves “musicians, actors, athletes and more who grew up with mental health and learning disorders…to send their younger selves messages of hope.”

Colton Haynes, Teen Wolf actor and certified hottie, filmed a video for his younger self with the project, and spoke some important truths about his journey with anxiety.


“A really, really good way to help yourself get over anxiety is to tell yourself that you’re excited instead of that you’re anxious,” he shared about his own methods of combatting anxiety. “If you’re excited it’s almost the same feeling, but obviously without the panic part. So, whenever you start to get a little anxious, just tell yourself, ‘I’m excited about this. I’m not anxious about this.’ And that really does tend to help.”

Haynes then spoke to everyone who has anxiety, instead of just himself.

“You’re not alone. I think that that’s really something that I’ve learned in my recovery process for anxiety. There’s millions of people out there who suffer from crippling anxiety…There’s so many people that have it and suffer from it, so you’re not alone. It gets so much better once you’re able to learn the tools to cope with it.”

Decreasing the stigma around mental health issues is imperative to making it easier for kids and adults alike to properly treat and respond to┬áthem. 1 in 5 kids do struggle with mental health issues, and normalizing this not only makes these kids feel more accepted — it also gives us a society that can better treat and respond to mental health issues as a whole.

Watch the video below:

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