8 Escapist Shows To Watch On Hulu When ‘The Handmaid’s Tale’ Gets Too Real

Hulu’s new television adaptation, The Handmaid’s Tale has been making headlines for a reason — it’s good. It is a powerful work of cinema portraying a dystopian, totalitarian theocracy (Gilead) where women are oppressed, forced to fulfill their respective roles of wife, handmaid, servant, or prostitute — or they will be exiled.

Margaret Atwood’s novel was published in 1985, but the show feels eerily relevant today, like a dark warning of what could be to come if we don’t fight authoritarianism and sexism in the world. The television adaptation has been called a “wake-up call for women,” “timely adaptation,” “chilling man’s world,” a “chilling Trump-era series,” and, simply put: “the scariest.”

Watch it. Watch it, contemplate on the uneasy state of the world and of women.

And then, give yourself a minute to indulge in mindless, stress-free escapism: Hulu has a few options that will allow you to forget what you’ve been reading in the news, pretend everything is relentlessly cheerful, and even fall asleep at night.

1. The O.C.

the oc premiere year 2003

Watch for: Seth and Summer’s adorable banter, the Spiderman reenactment kiss, Christmakkuh


2. Bob’s Burgers

bob's burgers

Watch for: Tina Belcher, who puts her bra on one boob at a time, just like anybody else

Watch out for: mild disappointments and let-downs

3. Parks & Recreation

Finals Week Parks and Recreation GIFs Funny

Watch for: Chris Traeger talking about his therapist, Dr. Richard Nygard, who he sees lit-rally every single day, Leslie and Ben’s “love you and I like you” vows

Watch out for: all of the scenes in which Leslie is running a campaign against Bobby Newport: the debate scene especially is unnerving

4. New Girl

Watch for: Schmidt, True American drinking game, wholesome best friendship between roommates

Watch out for: the episode where Jess and Cece campaign for Hillary (it is too painful)

5. Famous in Love

Watch for: first-world problems, glamorous parties, excessive love triangles

Watch out for: Paige’s roommate who is the worst friend in the whole entire world and deserves to be labelled as such

6. America’s Next Top Model

Massimo Campana/Pottle Productions Inc.

Watch for: modeling challenges swinging from vines in rainforests dressed as various types of birds (probably)

Watch out for: racist photoshoots, body-shaming

7. Say Yes to the Dress

Watch for: stunning gowns, atrocious gowns, believing in happily-ever-after

Watch out for: truly terrible family members who do not support the bride, crimes against fashion

8. Dawson’s Creek

dawson's creek

Watch for: schoolgirl crushes, melodramatic plot twists, parents with dark secrets, PROM

Watch out for: some genuine heart-wrenching moments

Buy some sour straws and settle in. It’s a harsh world.

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