Study Reveals Surprising Statistics About Those Of Us Who Sleep With Stuffed Animals

Admit it. We’ve all had that phase where we had to sleep with a stuffed animal or special blanket. Maybe we were bitten by the cuddle bug or maybe we were scared of the boogeyman dragging us into the closet. Regardless of the reason, sleeping with a sentimental item can make you feel a lot safer at night.

No need to feel ashamed. Research has actually proven that these comfort items helped reduce stress and anxiety in both children and adults. I’ll even admit that I still cuddle with a stuffed animal at night.

A study conducted by Best Mattress Brand surveyed over 2,000 Americans about their former and current comfort items they bring to bed. They also asked participants the significance of their items as well as their impacts on any relationships. Keep reading to find out more.

Best Mattress Brand

There’s something special about watching your kid sleep with a fluffy toy sandwiched between their arms. It’s a serene photo moment between them throwing a tantrum and you stressing about finding a last minute babysitter.

Participants were asked to confess what they preferred to sleep with during their childhood. Almost 38% said it was a stuffed animal. No surprise there since my companion is a blue narwhal that I so cleverly named Narwhalis. His soft tusk protects me from the monsters under my bed. He also fights for space alongside my dog, Nigel. Speaking of dogs, 20% of participants had pets as their bedtime companions. For years, animals have acted as our guardians against the scary sounds in the dark. Plus they keep the bed warm on cold nights.

Best Mattress Brand

After years of sleeping with stuffed toys, soft blankets and live animals, we’ve finally reached adulthood. But did our childhood companions have any effect on our sleeping habits as adults? Once again, science prevails.

Of the vast amount of people that slept with a stuffed animal or pet in their childhood, 72% of them report tossing and turning in their sleep as adults. In that same vein, those 35% of people that slept with a doll admitted to stealing the covers more. If that’s the case, my ex has some explaining to do…

For all you that proudly admit that you didn’t need a comfort item to sleep, you’re not excused. Those who did not have a comfort companion during their childhood are the biggest snorers today, with nearly half of them reporting so. Better get the ear plugs ready if you have a significant other.

Best Mattress Brand

Speaking of significant others, this is where the study gets interesting. As adults, we might not have a problem keeping our comfort items with us if we’re not sharing the bed. What if we have to share the bed with our partner? Participants were asked to imagine the scenario and then answer if it would be a relationship deal breaker.

Over 17% claim they would break up with someone that still slept with dolls (I blame horror movies like Anabelle for that). Stuffed animals, teddy bears and blankets came fighting for second place as they teetered between 9-10%. Luckily, pets hold the lowest deal breaker rate at 5.6%.

Best Mattress Brand

It may take only two to tango, but sleeping is a different story. Survey respondents admitted their bedtime habits when sleeping with a partner. Pets are the most common sleeping companions between romantic partners at 16%. Despite earlier claims that allowing pets into bed would be a relationship deal breaker, only 5% admit it really bothers them and only 4% have given an ultimatum.

Just don’t bring a special blanket or doll to bed. 29% of participants were put-off by a special blanket and 30% hated it if their partner slept with dolls. The same 30% gave their partner an ultimatum. I guess there are some sleeping habits you just have to grow out of.

If you miss the blissful sleep you had as a child, you don’t have to dig out the old teddy bear or blanket. Despite their stress and anxiety relieving effect, most of your comfort can be found in your mattress. According to the National Sleep Foundation, 93% of Americans believe that a good night’s sleep is due to a good mattress.

So if your partner really hates the idea sharing the bed with a bedtime companion, maybe you should invest in a new bed.

Or you can just make them sleep on the couch.

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