8 Activities To Add To Your Summer Bucket List

If there’s one thing we learn over and over, it’s not to take summer for granted. The days go by quickly and before you know it, you’ll be preparing for school again. After a long year, your body and mind need time to recover from the caffeine-fueled nights of studying and the attempts to get two days worth of things done in 24 hours. Summer is the only time of the year we have to not get caught up in usual, monotonous routines and focus on things we don’t have time to do any other season. Here’s how to make the most of your summer this break.

1. Take summer classes.


Classes are probably the last thing on your mind, but hear me out. Summer classes will keep you sharp so you won’t have to spend time regaining any old skills or habits by the time September rolls around. If you’re behind on your credits or need to prepare for an annual admission test, classes will be a productive way to spend your summer. They don’t necessarily have to be for credit either, if there’s a skill or hobby you always wanted to perfect, look into local schools for courses.

2. Go on a road trip.


Explore the states around you that you never got around to visiting or take a cross-country trip. Don’t get too caught up in planning the details and see where the trip might lead.

3. Buy tickets for a music festival.


Take advantage of festival season and visit one of the many fests happening this summer. If you’re really feeling the lineup and you have the opportunity to camp out, turn it into a weekend getaway.

4. Take up the hobby you haven’t prioritized.


With all our responsibilities and obligations, our hobbies tend to fall to the bottom of our to-do lists. Besides Netflix, think about the things you used to love filling up your time with.

5. Stay committed to your fitness routine.


If the warmer temperatures serve as any motivation, take the time to focus on your health. Now that it’s summer, you definitely can’t use school as an excuse. Turn it into a group event and visit local trails or sign up for classes, from dance to Soul Cycle.

6. Take a break from social media.


It’s alarming how dependent we are on our phones. It’s the first thing we reach for in the morning, we’re back on it when we’re on bathroom or study breaks, and it’s the last thing we look at at night. Take a social media break and spend time with your friends or family without focusing on taking a great photo for Instagram or Snapchatting the whole event. Your mind will thank you later.

7. Do one thing that scares you every single day.


Even if you’re not an adrenaline junkie, doing things you normally wouldn’t do might just change your perspective and give you many stories to tell later.

8. Travel as much as you can.


Take a spontaneous trip, whether you’ll be alone or with friends. Whether it’s local or international, you never know where you might end up or who you’ll meet.

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