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Starbucks Dropped A Banana Split Frappuccino & Didn’t Tell Us


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First, you give us Frappy Hour and now a new flavor? You’re on a roll, Starbucks.

A Starbucks in the Desert Hills outlet in Palm Springs, California, started serving a Banana Split Frappuccino and it’s the perfect thing to drink when the weather gets hot. According to HelloGiggles, this Frappuccino tastes just as good as the real thing.

“It tastes like a strawberry-banana smoothie,” said HelloGiggles’ editorial directorGina Vaynshteyn. “It’s delicious but expensive! $6!”

For all you regulars that know the secret menu by heart, you’re probably thinking “They’ve always had a Banana Split Frappuccino!” You’d be correct, but the Desert Hills location has a slightly different recipe that makes it taste so much better. Compared to the secret menu recipe that calls for a strawberry and creme base, this frappe has a Vanilla Bean frappuccino base, a banana, frappe chips, strawberry juice and a mocha drizzle. Finish it off with a cookie straw and I’m in frappuccino heaven. $6? Take my money, Starbucks. Take it all.

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Unfortunately for those living outside of the west coast, you’ll either have to make due with the secret menu version or plan a trip across the country. If you’re one of the few people that need more color in your drinks, don’t fret. Starbucks CEO Keven Johnson stated that Starbucks will continue creating Instagram-worthy drinks for us. Just be sure to be nice to your barista. I’m sure most of them are still triggered by the Unicorn Apocalypse.

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