Twitter Responds To Bow Wow’s Private Jet Fiasco In The Best Way Possible


If there is one thing that remains a constant in this troubling, ever-changing world it is this: Twitter.

Thanks to Twitter, there’s always a new meme for endless hours of entertainment and scrolling, making even the darkest of days a little brighter. That said, the latest meme courtesy of Twitter is probably not exactly helping make Bow Wow’s day better.

Remember Bow Wow? Probably not. Here’s a refresher.

The #BowWowChallenge and its proceeding memes began when Bow Wow (aka Shad Moss) posted a photo of what he said was his very own private jet.

This is all well and good, the usual Instagram flex and all of that. Unfortunately for Bow Wow, someone actually recognized him and spotted him on a not-so-private flight.

The memes immediately came rolling in. Let’s just say Twitter did not let Bow Wow’s photo mishap slide.

Bow Wow decided to respond to the memes and challenges and he seems pretty upset.

#ClapBackSeason: Welp #Bowwow has spoken 😩👀 (view previous post)

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In the end, this is probably an L for Bow Wow but it’s a major win for Twitter. These memes are hilarious as always.

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