GOOD NEWS: Cheese Isn’t That Bad For You!

In case you haven’t heard enough good news lately, a recent study from the European Journal of Epidemiology found that dairy might not be quite as bad for you as previously believed.

Research suggests that there is no correlation between the increased risk of heart attack or stroke and the consumption of full-fat cheese, milk, or yogurt. Researchers came to this conclusion after comparing the results of 29 previous studies and deciding the effects were “neutral.”

Ian Givens, one of those responsible for conducting the study, said that it has been a “widespread mistake” when considering dairy-based products to blame for negative long-term health effects.

“That’s a misconception. While it is a widely held belief, our research shows that that’s wrong,” Givens said. “There’s been a lot of publicity over the last five to 10 years about how saturated fats increase the risk of cardiovascular disease and a belief has grown up that they must increase the risk, but they don’t.”

In addition to full-fat cheese not being lethal, skim or low-fat may not make much of a different in terms of overall long-term health. There is no difference or no more likelihood of any certain type of cheese and/or dairy contributing to the risks of heart attack or stroke.

Obviously, you might want to bite into a wheel of cheese or immediately pour whole milk all over yourself after reading this. Don’t do that.

Cheese is tasty but it can be detrimental to health in other ways (calorie intake, for example) so showing some self-control is best. That said, don’t guilt yourself over saying yes to some mac and cheese or a slice of cheesecake. In the end, what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger… And we know now that cheese does not/can not kill you.

If anyone ever tells u that u put too much parmesan cheese on ur pasta

stop talking to them

u dont need that kind of negativity in ur life

— tina (@tinatbh) May 10, 2017

Let’s celebrate!

[H/T Cosmopolitan]

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