Nyle Dimarco: 15 Sexiest Photos On The Internet

In case you haven’t met the winningest man in entertainment, here’s your introduction to America’s Next Top Model and Dancing With The Stars winner Nyle Dimarco. He won Tyra’s big title in 2015 and then took home the mirrorball trophy in 2016. He also happens to be deaf, which means both of his wins made history. He’s a perfect example of not letting any societally defined “disabilities” hold you back from your dreams.

In addition to his record-breaking triumphs, Dimarco is an activist for the deaf community. He hopes to use his platform for equality among people of differing abilities and wants to make sure that deaf families can follow their dreams just as he did his own.

As if his talent and his ambition weren’t already incredibly attractive, Dimarco is also out-of-this-world beautiful. Seriously, he looks perfect and because he’s a model, there’s plenty of photographic evidence. Here are 15 of the hottest photos of Nyle Dimarco… though there were many, MANY to choose from.

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