Why ‘Wonder Woman’ Is So Important



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Can you believe that we haven’t had a female lead superhero movie since 2005?  The last movie was Elektra, which didn’t fare well with critics. It’s pretty sad that it took more than 10 years for another female superhero to make a stand. It shouldn’t have taken this long, but then again, filmmakers probably wanted a clean slate after a long lineup of bad female-led superhero filmsWonder Woman is one of DC‘s most anticipated movies this year but considering that DC hasn’t had a good reputation lately, we’re all a little bit worried.  

However, with the arrival of the film’s action-packed final trailer, which shows just enough without giving too much away (*cough*Batman v Superman *cough*), it appears that Wonder Woman just might be successful.


We get flashbacks to Diana’s past and her time during WWI, all of which is complemented with an Imagine Dragons song that synchronizes well with the dramatic tone. There are some comedic moments that gives the movie more life instead of staying bleak and serious all the time *cough*Batman v Superman*cough* . 

Overall, the movie looks promising and definitely looks better than other DC trailers, which always seem spoil too much. Wonder Woman doesn’t reveal the main antagonist or anything else that could ruin the fun. Most importantly, the film stars one of the most iconic superheroes ever. It’s a surprise that Wonder Woman never had her own theatrical movie until now, but I guess it’s best for it to come out when superhero movies are currently the big blockbuster hits.

Who wouldn’t be excited for this film? The trailer gets us hyped for DC’s interpretation of the Amazon princess’ origins. It makes us wonder how involved Wonder Woman gets in the war. It gives us hope that we finally get a decent movie starring a female superhero. If the film does indeed do well, it will likely open doors for more female lead movies in the future. Perhaps Marvel can finally make a movie starring Black Widow.

WonderWoman arrives in cinemas on June 2.

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