Why Are Used Crocs Selling Out Online?











Remember Crocs?

Hopefully not.

Crocs were the shoes worn by you most natural, crunchy friend, the one you teased about their strange style choices, but who you lovingly understood shared different style preferences than yours. They were the shoes of late ’00s and early ’10s that helped you identify who didn’t care about fashion and preferred comfort.

Well, it turns out that now Crocs are appealing to people who love style AND comfort, because they are absolutely flying off the shelves at ThreadUp.

ThreadUp connects use clothing sellers with potential buyers in the hopes of making trendy items accessible for everyone. Lately, the site has seen a huge increase in the popularity of used Crocs and if those two words together don’t make you gag a little then you’re a much better person than I am.

The site reports Crocs sell 58% faster than any other product listed on the site and nearly EVER PAIR (97%) of Crocs is bought within three months of being posted, which is a pretty high rate. The average cost of resale for the shoe is $11, though they’re a relatively affordable price new.

Crocs made their high-fashion debut on runways in September 2016. Usually these trends tend to fall down from the fashion higher-ups to the masses, so perhaps we’re just now feeling the effects of a fashion movement in favor of the previously scorned shoes. Let’s just recall Miranda Priestley’s iconic Devil Wears Prada speech and look at these runway photos.


They are actually chic? Sort of? This is conflicting.

It’s confusing to threadUP’s head of marketing communications, Karen Clark, as well. “We were surprised to see Crocs so high on [the] list,” she told Yahoo Style. You and me both, Karen.

Will you be buying your very own pair of Crocs?

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[H/T Cosmopolitan]

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