Looks Like Pizza Lovers Have Found Their New Fave Haircut

Move over hidden rainbow undercut, there’s a new sheriff in town.

But seriously, this girl is my hero. There’s been a spike in the popularity of bold, unique hairstyles lately, ranging from the aforementioned rainbow undercut to Unicorn Frappuccino inspired up-dos and many more. If there was ever a time to get creative with your hair, it would be now. However, this cut definitely takes the cake… or should I say slice? (Sorry, was that too cheesy?)


Yes, this style takes the undercut to a whole new level by shaving and dyeing the hair to look like a slice of pepperoni pizza. While some might find this look a little too out there, I say why not? Life’s too short to not embrace what you love and get a little experimental with your hair every now and then. Even then, it takes some serious guts to combine the two, and this girl did it beautifully. Normally hidden by her colorful locks, the pizza remains elusive, only shown in its full glory when the wearer chooses an up-do, or otherwise chooses to show it off.


The look was created by Kelly Woodford, owner of The Sapphire Hair Lounge in Winnipeg, Canada, where clients really let their creativity shine with the help of the stylists. Seriously, check out their Instagram for some major inspiration.

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