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Cinnamon-Flavored Pepsi Is Here & We’re Conflicted

Pepsi Fire

( @1061lbi/ @bojay2769

It’s been confirmed: Pepsi Fire will be hitting the shelves for a limited time this summer. What hasn’t been confirmed? Well, whether or not it’ll be good.

There have already been mixed opinions circulating online, with some people excited for the fiery new beverage and others left shuddering at the mere thought of it. Supposedly it starts off with a normal cinnamon taste, and progressively get spicier as you drink it. The fiery new flavor has already been available in Slurpee form at your local 7 Eleven for a while and it hasn’t exactly been going over so well with the masses…

Supposedly it tastes like an alcohol-free version of Fireball Whiskey, which already doesn’t sit right with me, or Eric Koenreich (@poweredbyicecream) for that matter.

Still, the internet and Pepsi remain optimistic that the canned version will outshine its frozen counterpart by a long shot, even though at this point that doesn’t seem like much of a challenge. Hey, you never know.

Now, you may be asking, “but will it be refreshing?” Probably not. Pepsi is known for its sweet, cool, thirst-quenching taste, and it’s a little hard to picture something linked to fire being able to stand up to that. While I’m personally more inclined to grab a Pepsi Wild Cherry instead, we’ll still give it a shot when it drops on May 22. After all, it’s actually not the strangest flavor Pepsi has ever released.