Waffle & Syrup-Flavored Oreos Are Here For The Leslie Knope In You

If you stand by Leslie Knope’s assertion that waffles and friends are the two most important things in life (order negotiable), this new announcement may interest you.

Oreos have released limited-edition waffles & syrup-flavored sandwich cookies, spotted on shelves yesterday (May 5.) Teen Vogue reports that the Instagram account @junkfoodaisle discovered these breakfast gems at a Shaw’s supermarket in Rhode Island, and note that the new flavor is rumored to be available only in certain supermarkets.

This comes on the heels of the arrivalĀ of Oreo peanut-butter ice-cream sandwiches, so it’s safe to say we have no idea what delicious creation Oreo is bringing us next.

So if you, like Leslie, include waffles in your online dating profile, plan to have them catered at your wedding, and prefer breakfast food to anything else in the world, you may want to go on Ron Swanson-esque scavenger-hunt for an Albertson-owned store.

All they’re missing is a hint of whipped cream flavoring to complete her JJ’s Diner order, but maybe the wafer serves as a plausible substitute.


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