‘The Parent Trap’ Just Came True With These New Oreo Peanut Butter Ice Cream Sandwiches

In The Parent Trap, it’s a turning point when Hallie and Annie begin to realize how much they have in common in their sequestered Isolation Cabin at The World’s Least Professional Camp of All Time. Hallie offers Annie an Oreo cookie, and they realize that they both enjoy dipping it in peanut butter.

“Most people find that totally disgusting!” Annie exclaims (this is 100% false.)

Still, imagine how excited the twins would be to learn that now there are not only  peanut butter Oreos, but also newly-released peanut butter Oreo ice cream sandwiches.

So far, the cookie sandwiches are only launching in the U.K. (at just £3 for six sandwiches), so while Annie is free to enjoy, Hallie may not be so fortunate.

The sandwiches are available at Iceland and Asda, according to Cosmopolitan, though other grocery stores likely carry the delightful treats as well.

Just wait, Hallie. With peanut butter ice-cream, crushed biscuit pieces, and Oreos sandwiching the entire creation, this will be even better than your popsicle at the mess hall you’re craving.


Please bring these to the U.S., Oreo!

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