Shake Shack May Be Adding A New Treat To The Menu

Shhhh. Don’t panic, but I think Shake Shack is hiding something very important. Something so life-changing that they had to hide it in their own cookbook for avid fans and foodies to find. Inside its hunger-inducing pages lies a recipe for one of my favorite items on any food menu: chicken tenders. Ohhh, yes.

According to Eater, there’s a section in the book titled “The Taste of Thing to Come.” I don’t know about you, but that sounds like a confession to me. On page 161, there are photos of delicious “chicken bites” paired with the recipe required to make these tasty morsels. If you’re a fan of any of their chicken dishes, then you’re in luck. These tenders use the same exact recipe.

Before you rush to the closest Shake Shack near you, I have some bad news. While the cookbook states that the “Chicken tenders are universally applauded,” it also says that “they’re not at all Shacks yet.” In other words, you’re better off making these at home than trying to order one. For now.

Eater contacted Shake Shack about which locations currently sold the tenders, but a Shake Shack spokesperson reported that they weren’t on any menu despite what the cookbook implied. There is some hope, however. The spokesperson added, “As you can imagine, not all items we test make it to the menu—but you never know what’ll happen down the line!”

Please, Shake Shack. Please give us these chicken tenders. I will never pass you on my way to work again.

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