One-Piece Swimsuits Are Now More Popular Than Bikinis

If you still don’t own a one-piece, there has never been a better time to be on-trend.

Edited, a retail analytics firm, found through tracking shopping habits that the one-piece has officially surpassed the iconic bikini in popularity this year.

The firm resolved that one-piece bathing suits are selling out at three times the rate they did in 2016, Shape reports, and furthermore, found that there are a full 20 percent more one-piece options online, while bikini styles have actually gone down nine percent.

That means that while it took 106 days for a particular one-piece swimsuit to sell out in 2016, it is only taking 37 days in 2017, Allure reports.

“While you don’t need to put your bikinis into storage this season, the one-piece has made an explosive comeback this year,” explained Emily Bezzant, Head Analyst at Edited.

A large part of this trend is due to an increase in demand for comfort and practicality. Dolfin, Speedo, TYR, Nike, and Arena are the most in-demand swimsuits this year, all brands that emphasize mobility over, well, aesthetic.

“It’s not surprising due to current trends and our quest for comfort,” Bezzant said.

The retro trend has sprung to prominence online over the past few years, (escalating, IMO, with Taylor Swift’s heavily-photographed A-list 4th of July extravaganza) flaunted by popular Instagrammers and celebrities alike. It’s safe to say the breathable, throwback trend isn’t going anywhere.

Then again, nor is the bikini. Yet.

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