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Become A Princess With This Disney-Inspired Prom Dress Collection

Disney princess prom dresses

Mark Ashman/Disney Parks via Getty Images)

It seems as though princesses are everywhere these days. Obviously, you can see Disney royalty on TV and movie screens, but they’ve also made a new emergence in fashion. If you’re heading to the beach, there’s a Disney-inspired bathing suit collection. The bedroom? Disney¬†princess lingerie. Well, now you can feel like a princess at prom. Who needs to be a queen when you can be a Disney princess?

Glitterati has released a new collection of dresses from the most magical place on earth, Disney! These dresses have an enchanted flair to them that’ll make you feel like you’re living a fairytale. Most of the dresses retail for between $200 and $500 and come in a variety of styles and colors, a nod to the diversity of the iconic heroines themselves. Glass slippers and tiaras aren’t included, but there are definitely plenty of accessorizing¬†options with these looks.

You can look glamorous in this sequined dress, almost ethereal enough to have been crafted by a fairy godmother.


Or tame a beast with the help of this short Belle-inspired cocktail dress.

Whether you’re heading to prom or looking for something formal, these could be the key to your happily ever after. Let’s just hope that this princess trend continues, because it’s never bad to be treated like royalty.

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