McKayla Maroney Responds To Instagram Haters After Controversial Video

The last time we saw McKayla Maroney she looked a little different.

21-year-old Maroney was most notable for her accomplishments in the 2012 Olympic games, wowing fans with her gymnastics skills and breaking the internet with meme-worthy facial expressions.

Since then, Maroney has been flying pretty much under-the-radar, occasionally creating controversies over lip injection rumors and announcing a budding music career.

On May 13, the former gymnast shocked Instagram followers with a pretty racy video of her butt in a thong.

Captioned “another world premiere,” the singer showed off her body in the short video that attracted quite a few commenters.

Some were disgusted, others were proud of her ability to be so carefree.

“That is one beautiful ass,” an Instagram user wrote. “No offense honey, but your face is your best feature,” another replied.

Others were skeptical that the snap was posted knowingly and with her consent and Maroney faced a little bit of worry and backlash with rumors of a hack.

She curtly replied on the photo-sharing app.

After a lot of coverage and discussion, she decided to elaborate and respond with a bit more length.

“I’m just doing me,” she wrote.

This echoed her previous issues with being a gymnast in the public eye. She told last year that she felt pressured to be a “cookie-cutter type of person” and “America’s sweetheart.”

In the end, Maroney’s style may night be every user’s taste, which is exactly why an unfollow button exists. If she can go from feeling forced into one stereotypical role to becoming self-confident enough to make her own choices without caring about the opinions of others, it sounds as though the problem isn’t hers.

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