Celebrate National Chocolate Chip Day With These 10 Baked Slices Of Heaven












Some holidays are much more fun than others.

Yes, Flag Day is great and obviously we totally appreciate the importance of National Siblings Day (even though it feels like there’s one every month, at least according to Instagram), but sometimes these holidays can get a little stale.

One thing that never gets stale (at least in a figurative sense): chocolate.


National Chocolate Chip Day is a day of celebration for all things chocolate chip, and to say this is one of the most fun and most indulgent days is an understatement. There are so many ways to incorporate chocolate chips into your diet, all of them delicious. It’s a holiday, so it’s important that you find ways to honor the legacy of chocolate chips on their special day.

One of these methods is by checking out each of the delicious chocolate treats available to you. And if they’re not available to you (maybe you’re on a diet or not a fan), then it’s some inspo for alternatives. At its heart, this day is about treating yourself. So do it. Get out there and indulge. There’s no coincidence that it’s on a Monday.

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