Are Katy Perry & Calvin Harris Dating?

Katy Perry and Calvin Harris may be one unlikely couple, but rumor has it that the two got together while collaborating on Harris’ upcoming album, Funk Wav Bounces: Vol 2. The speculated couple got pretty cozy while working together on their new song, which will be¬†coming out with the album’s release June 30. Claims have been made that Perry and Calvin became very close while writing the song together and have been in constant contact with each other ever since.

The reason that the two make a particularly unlikely pair is because of the bad blood they share with Taylor Swift.

Swift and Harris started dating back in 2015 and ended things in 2016. Swift and Perry experienced their own disagreement in 2012.

Surely among other issues, Swift and Harris found trouble in paradise when Swift argued that she helped write Harris’ hit “This is What We Came For.”

Perry and Swift had their own issues in 2012 when Swift claimed that Perry tried to hire people out from under her on her tour.

Business is not the only area in which the female singers have experienced hardship, the two also found themselves in a love triangle with John Mayer. Swift and Mayer dated in 2010. In 2012, Perry and Mayer began a relationship. This means that Harris and Perry would not be the first example of Perry dating one of Swift’s exes.

After their shared ex, Swift and Perry’s friendship became rocky and was confusing for both parties. Ultimately, the feud climaxed when Swift released her 2015 hit single “Bad Blood.” The song was allegedly about Katy Perry.

Swift and Perry’s drama was broadcasted via Twitter on multiple occasions. In one instance, Perry referred to Swift as Regina George. Ouch.

Given each artist’s personal history with Swift it not only comes as surprise that the two are joining forces on Harris’ new album but also that they now may be an item.

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