Men’s Rompers Are A Thing & Twitter Has Had It

Just in case you haven’t had enough reminders that all perfect things in the world are those left untouched by men, the Romphim is here to ring the alarm in typical male fashion. It’s bold, it’s loud and it’s a relatively uncomfy spin on an old classic.

The Romphim is basically a romper in its usual fashion but with a male pronoun attached to the end for the benefit of protecting fragile masculinity/cleverness.

Here it is in all of its glory:


britney side eye gif

Though this seems like it’s mainly a joke outfit for parties, its Kickstarter campaign has raised nearly half of its $100,000 production goal.

It made a splash as its coverage grew and as usual, Twitter had some strong opinions, most of which were a resounding “HELL NO” to the outfit.

Luckily for Romphim, they did have a fan or two.

Ok, so maybe these aren’t SUCH a bad idea. But how does peeing work? Looks like men will be asking themselves an age-old question that women have answered for years. Nothing requires quite as much work ethic and dedication as heading to the bathroom in a romper.


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