Family Dog Miraculously Finds Missing Cat Under Floorboards Two Months After Fire

It’s true, miracles really do happen! A Michigan family lost their home in a fire said their dog found their cat (alive) under the floor of the wreckage a whole two months after the blaze.

The family believed their cat died in the fire back in March, but when the family went to visit what remains of the old home on Sunday, they say their dog, Chloe, started acting weird. Chloe herself almost died in the fire, but was rescued by firemen using a modified oxygen mask.

“She was digging and scratching at the floor and sniffing found a hole in the floor within the wall,” Marr wrote on Facebook. “Heard a cat meowing so we got food to coax it out. And out came Ringer our cat that we thought perished in the fire.”

Firefighters said they searched the house thoroughly after the fire in search for the cat, but could not find him at the time.

Chief Ronald Wise of the South Haven Area Emergency Services said in an interview, “looking for that cat, we picked up furniture, looked around beds, looked in every nook and cranny for that cat. To know that Chloe had found the cat, that’s amazing. She’s a true hero, she is. To get that cat, you wouldn’t think the cat would live that much longer.”

It’s a miracle the cat, Ringer, was able to survive down there for so long. It is speculated that he was eating bugs, spiders and whatever else he could find down there.

Ringer was taken to the Animal Hospital in Kalamazoo, where vets agreed that his survival was nothing short of  “a miracle.” Ringer is very skinny, but doing well and recovering.

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