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Girl Scout Troop Leader Steals $15,000 Worth Of Cookies & Disappears

Leah Ann Vick girl scout cookies


Ok, let me be real for a second.

We get it, Girl Scout Cookies are awesome, and I’m sure at least half of us have entertained some wild fantasy where we go all Bonnie and Clyde and ride off into the sunset with boxes of contraband cookies, but that’s all it ever was: a fantasy or a daydream if you will.

Well, not for one woman. Kentucky Girl Scout troop leader Leah Ann Vick actually stole around $15,000 worth of cookies from her own troop. She is now on the run from authorities, although I’m wondering how long that can last with about 3,000 boxes of cookies in tow. (Yes, I did the math, and that’s actually the lowball answer, assuming each box was valued at $5).

While the $15,000 amount was reported by Appalachian News Express reports, Haleigh McGraw, Marketing Director for the Kentucky Wilderness Road Council, believes that the stolen goods are actually worth “more than 26,000 dollars.” That’s a lot of Girl Scout Cookies.

Vick was a Troop Leader for Kentucky’s Wilderness Road Chapter, although in her mind it seems like she was the main character in that movie The Heist, because she really went above and beyond to pull this off. It’s reported that she falsely inflated the troop’s numbers and set up fake troops all across the state just so she could get more cookies. Why does she need that many cookies? At least half of the “loot” is sure to go stale before she finishes them. Unless she’s looking to sell them on some sort of cookie black market, which would also be a little strange.

Girl Scout officials are now trying to return the stolen money back to the troop. They state that “they do background checks and in-person interviews before selecting troop leaders,” but “can’t predict human behavior.” There are still so many unanswered questions. I really hope we get a true-crime drama rendition of this story one day.

[H/T Cosmo]