Pack Your Bags, A Nutella Café Is Opening In Chicago

Pinch me, I must be dreaming!

Chocolate cafes exist and they’re great, but news of the Nutella cafe opening in Chicago at the end of this month is super exciting.

Aptly named “Nutella Café,” the menu will feature a plethora of sweet and savory creations, with everybody’s favorite chocolate hazelnut spread at the center of it all. Look at this menu and tell me it doesn’t look like heaven on earth.

For those of you getting a sugar headache from the mere thought of it, don’t worry too much. The menu also features nutella-free lunch items such as paninis and soups.

Not only does the menu look appetizing, but the store front is also gorgeous.

TimeOut: Nutella Cafe Chicago

Looks like we need a trip to Chicago ASAP. Depending on the cafe’s success, there may be more locations to come in the future.

The café is set to open on May 31, and if you’re one of the first 400 guests to arrive you’ll receive special surprises. We honestly don’t know what the surprises are yet, but we’re dying to find out.

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