Proving Fairytales Are Real, Japanese Princess Gives Up Title To Marry Commoner

Warning: this may be the sweetest thing you read all day.

25-year-old Mako of Akishino, the princess of Japan, has chosen to renounce her royal title in the name of love. She plans on marrying Kei Komuro, a law firm employee and a grad student. Supposedly she’s already working out engagement plans, but there’s a catch. Komuro isn’t a prince and in keeping with the Imperial Household Law, if she wants to marry a commoner then she must give up her title as princess and leave the royal family. This will be the first engagement of the Emperor’s four grandchildren.

The two of them met as students at the International Christian University in Tokyo five years ago, and their bond has been growing ever since. While Komuro may not be royalty himself, he once starred in a tourism campaign as “Prince of the Sea,” which honestly just adds another level of cuteness to this story. Preferring to keep the story out of the public eye, Komuro stated that “[he] would like to talk about it when the time comes,” referring to the engagement.

Mako is not the only woman in her family to renounce her title in the name of being with the one she loves. In 2005 the princess’ aunt, Sayako Kuroda, left the royal family after marrying commoner named Yoshiki Kuroda. The steady decline in members of the royal family, along with the fact that the Emperor himself wishes to retire before he dies, has many questioning the law regarding the women of the royal family. Many believe it is time the women of the royal family be allowed to bear heirs to the throne and ascend to power themselves.

In the end, we’re just hoping for happily ever after. Congrats!

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