There Are Now Spanx For Your Under Eye Bags

We have seen Spanx for just about every part of the body. Arms, stomach, thighs, chest, you name it, there’s a Spanx minimizer for it. Now there’s a minimizer for your under eye bags and it’s been compared to a second skin.

The treatment was created by Robert Langer of Olivio Labs, who is an MIT chemical engineer and co-founder of  Living Proof haircare. This treatment functions just like shapewear but there’s no need to worry about it coming lose. Don’t nervous about hiding the fact that you are wearing something that is considered shapewear for your face because, conveniently enough, the product is invisible. The treatment tightens, smoothes and lifts your face for up to 24 hours with no annoying pinching or constricted breathing.

Sadly, it’s not a simple slap-and-go treatment. Let’s say that it’s like putting on eyelashes. At first, it’s not exactly easy but the process becomes easier as you repeat.

First, you start with the reshaping base on clean skin and use the applicator tool, letting it dry for a couple minutes. When the second layer is added on, that’s when the serious reshaping and minimizing starts. Once that dries, poof! All traces of bags and fine lines are gone for the next 24 hours and all you need to remove it is an oil-free makeup remover. While this treatment is considered to be reminiscent of an old Hollywood trick of using surgical tape to lift the face, it’s much less aggressive on the face and hairline.

The technology is a couple of years old and hasn’t been produced as a mass market treatment, but big-name beauty brands are looking into licensing the technology that is used for the treatment make it more convenient for the future.

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