These Wine Glasses Are A Must-Have For Any Beach Day

Everybody, I think we should all thank Jason Klinge and David D’Agostino f0r what has to be every wine lover’s summer savior.

Introducing The Beach Glass: an acrylic wine glass with a spiked stem, perfect for anchoring down your favorite rosé without fear of it spilling onto the sand. These stylish glasses won’t crack when dropped, can float (because why not) and come in a wide array of colors and styles. They’re also pretty darn affordable, starting at $9.99.

What makes this even better? The idea struck completely by accident! Klinge and D’Agostino were drinking wine on the beach when the base fell off of one of their glasses, leaving only the stem. Instead of tossing it, Klinge stuck it into the sand (probably not wanting to waste what wine he had left), and the pair was shocked by how well it stood up on its own. They saw this as a lucrative business opportunity and the rest is history.

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That’s not all, The Beach Glass is also useful for picnics. Just stick the stem into the grass like you would the sand! You can even invest in a storage/serving tray so you can use the spiky glasses even when you’re not sticking them into the ground.

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