These Galaxy Bagels Might Be Prettier Than You

We’ve seen galaxy print on clothes, phone cases and desktop backgrounds but on a bagel? You may remember New York’s innovative shop The Bagel Store from the rainbow bagels that broke the internet back in 2016. Preceding to impress, the creators kicked things up a notch and introduced the galaxy bagel.

The galaxy bagel twists black, purple, blue and pink into a beautiful design and tops off the aesthetic snack with pink and blue EDIBLE glitter. The treat is literally almost too pretty to eat.

Their famous rainbow bagel is neon pink, yellow, orange and blue. These gorgeous bagels have shocked people everywhere, who knew a bagel could be so pretty?

The Bagel Store is located in Brooklyn, New York, but if you do not live close by, fear not, the company has an online store which allows you to order bagels online from anywhere in the US.

The online shop is a bagel lover’s heaven. The store offers everything from classic sesame bagels to their signature unicorn and rainbow bagels. The store has 21 options of cream cheese spreads including funfetti, pumpkin pie and bacon and cheddar cream cheese. They even offer tofu spread options for their dairy free customers.

Add trying this glittering treats to your summer bucket.

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