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Shake Shack Has Released Its Secret Sauce Formula & Our World Will Never Be The Same

Shake Shack Free Burgers

Getty Images.

If you’ve ever driven more than 30 minutes in rush hour because you could not rest until you had a Shake Shack burger, if you’ve ever had a dream about dipping your toes in an expansive infinity pool of Shack sauce, if you’ve ever had to leave a conversation mid-sentence in pursuit of a thick vanilla milkshake, this is for you.

Shake Shack has released a cookbook in bookstores and online, Refinery 29 reports, titled Shake Shack Recipes & Stories. The book is filled with magical pages of custard shakes, cheesy crinkle cut fries, burgers, and — the infamous Shack sauce recipe. Double it triple it, keep it in your fridge a keg at all times so you are never without the tangy sweet sauce.

It is spoken of in reverence. It is craved with inexplicable frequency.

Okay, chill, here’s the recipe.

½ cup Hellman’s mayonnaise
1 tbsp Dijon mustard
3/4 tsp Heinz ketchup
¼ tsp kosher dill pickling brine
Pinch of cayenne pepper

Buy the book, with over 70 recipes and 200 photographs, here.


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