A Melbourne, Australia Cafe Is Now Combining Avocados & Lattes

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My fellow millennials! If you’re one of the people that spent their money on avocado toast instead of student loans, then you might want to avoid this page. There’s a new coffee craze that’s turning heads and emptying wallets. Meet the Avolatte. And yes, it’s exactly as you’d expect.

The Truman Cafe in Melbourne, Australia launched this hybrid food combination on its Instagram page. This caffeinated creation was captioned: “Combining two of Melbourne’s obsessions–lattes and avo.” A video on Instagram shows one barista carefully pouring steaming milk into a hollowed avocado┬ábefore creating some lovely latte art.

I get it. Avocados are healthy and you can’t deny a good latte, but putting them together? First of all, I’d probably spill half of it before I even got the chance to drink it. Second of all, you’re missing out on the best parts of the avocado by doing this. What’s the point?

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Combing two of Melbourne's obsessions – lattes and avo ­čśé

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I’m not the only one that’s skeptical about the drink. As usual, Twitter already has a wave of comments and some of them are comedy gold.

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— Xavier Dolan (@XDolan) May 22, 2017

@theheraldsun I prefer an avocino myself

— Chris (@TopherJS8) May 21, 2017

@mashable We as a species have failed.

— (((Benjamin))) (@cameo60) May 20, 2017

@mashable Well since we cant have avocado toast

— Thedogwhoknewtoomuch (@nipperdawg) May 20, 2017

There’s still some hope for humanity. The Truman Cafe later confirmed to Buzzfeed Australia that the Avolatte was more for kicks and giggles. I won’t deny that it was funny while it lasted. It was the perfect reply to that one Australian millionaire who claimed that we threw away our money on hipster food.

Then again, if we’re already broke from buying avocado toast, we might as well buy Avolattes, too. Because they’re the only reason we can’t afford housing, right?

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