10 International Cakes That Will Have You Embarking On A World Dessert Tour










Who doesn’t love cake?

It can be buttery, chocolatey, creamy, fruity, sugary or any other sweet, sweet flavor. No matter what, a perfect slice of cake will make your taste buds grow wings and fly to heaven with joy. Every culture has its own variation of this dessert, and some of them take inspiration from other cultures. Whether they’re soaked in syrup or made with honey, these cakes are bound to make anyone want to travel the globe.

So why don’t we take a trip around the world — or in this case, a trip through Instagram — and have a look at these delicious desserts?

1. France: Galette Des Rois

Fun fact: This pastry cake is usually shared at Epiphany, which is a holiday that celebrates two events, the three wise men visiting the baby Jesus and the baptism of Jesus.


2. Germany: Black Forest Cake

Fun fact: The world’s largest Black Forest cake was created in 2006 by K & D Bakery. The cake weighed 6,532 pounds and had an area of 80 meters.


3. Japan: Castella

Fun Fact: The word Castella is derived from the Portuguese words Pão de Castelawhich mean “bread from Castile.” Castile was a former kingdom in Spain.


4. Russia: Medovik

Fun Fact: The honey-layered cake is rumored to have been created in the 18th century by a chef who wanted to impress Empress Elizabeth of Russia.


5. Taiwan: Pineapple Cake

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เค้กสับปะรดสูตรเด็ดภายใต้เเบรนด์มณี 🍍กล่องเล็กบรรจุ 6 ชิ้นในราคาเพียง 129 บาท (จากราคาปกติ 199 บาท) 🍍กล่องใหญ่บรรจุ 12 ชิ้น ในราคาเพียง 199 บาท (จากราคาปกติ 359 บาท) ทานเองก็ดี ซื้อฝากลูกค้าหรือผู้ใหญ่ก็เหมาะสม สามารถเก็บได้ประมาณ 2 เดือนโดยไม่มีส่วนผสมของวัตถุกันเสีย สามารถสั่งจองได้ทุกสาขาแล้วค่ะ #aprilsbakery #bymanee2015 #pineapple #pineapplecake

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Fun Fact: The word for Pineapple in Taiwanese is Hokken (王梨; ông-lâ), which sounds similar to the phrase “to come forth, prosperous and thriving”


6. China: Mooncake

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Moon cake/kue bln #halal #mooncake#ucibakery

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Fun Fact: Mooncake is traditionally eaten during the Mid-Autumn Festival, which celebrates lunar appreciation and moon watching.


7. Greece: Portokalopita

Fun Fact: Portokalopita translates to “orange pie” and it’s soaked in syrup, which gives it a very moist texture.


8. New Zealand/Australia: Pavlova

Fun Fact: Pavlova is named after the Russian ballerina Anna Pavlova.


9. Mexico: Tres Leches Cake

Fun Fact: This cake is soaked in three kinds of milk: evaporated milk, condensed milk and heavy cream.


10. Egypt: Basbousa

Fun Fact: Basbousa is popular amongst Egyptian Coptic Christians for fasts.


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