Melania Trump Appears To Slap Husband’s Hand Away, Twitter Screams

Whether Melania Trump just had a manicure, wanted to throw a nod to feminism with some subtle woman empowerment, or was simply tired of Donald Trump (same), one thing’s for sure: Melania seemed to slap the president’s hand away like it was a fly.

It was a split second, blink-and-you-missed-it kind of moment, but luckily, the act was caught on several cameras when the couple arrived in Israel.

The Trumps were walking with the Prime Minister and his wife who were both holding hands, so Donald Trump probably figured that he should hold his wife’s hand as well. However, Melania refused and decided to slap the tiny orange hand in retaliation. We don’t know what Melania could’ve been thinking at that moment, but the Internet is pleased of what they just saw.

Twitter reacted strongly and left us LOL-ing.

Not since Jackie Kennedy has an American First Lady garnered as much worldwide admiration for class & dignity as Melania Trump did this week

— Bare Politics (@barelypolitix) May 22, 2017

Melania's reaction when Donald tries to hold her hand is all of us.

— George Takei (@GeorgeTakei) May 22, 2017

To be fair to Melania, it's a small target 👌

— jason (@jasesteve) May 22, 2017

lol watch melania swat his hand away

— skooks (@skooks) May 22, 2017

What’s next? Will Melania just plain tell us she’s over Donald? Same, Melania. Same.

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