Fidget Spinner Nail Art Is Officially A Thing

Fidget spinners are the newest gadget craze of 2017. Spinners are basically designed to give the owner something small enough to fidget with but without causing a huge disturbance. Parents love the fidgets spinners, but teachers, on the other hand, would rather not have it in the classroom.

Whether you love or hate the fidget spinners, you’ll love the spin this YouTube beauty guru put on the newest craze.

Beauty guru Natasha Lee gives full nail, beauty and lifestyle tutorials so that we can learn how to give our lives a little bit of sparkle (or spin) with the help of some DIY instructions. In her most recent video, she gives viewers a full tutorial on how to give your nails a unique galaxy-style paint job and how to make a doll-sized fidget spinner and apply it to your nails for a fun design.

Let’s be honest, whenever something becomes a trend it can be expected to make its way into the beauty and fashion worlds. Now that fidget spinners have made their way into the growing list of beauty trends (mermaids, unicorns, pizza, etc.), I’m just waiting for someone to make a holographic fidget spinner skirt or something.

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