This 100 Sheet Mask Challenge Video Is Cringe-Worthy

Oh, the things we do for beauty. One might think that using more product would be more beneficial, but when it comes to beauty remedies, less really is more. Soko Glam, the Korean beauty product mecca, is known for its effective, but sometimes bizarre beauty trends. From the popular Beauty Water to moisturizers infused with snail extract, Soko Glam has products for every skin type and beauty need. The brand recently hit 100k followers on Instagram. Naturally, the best way to celebrate is to pile on 100 sheet masks onto co-founder Charlotte Cho’s face.

The Instagram video looked terrifying, and heavy, as 100 layers were set onto Charlotte’s face. When it was time to take it off, it was a dripping mess of serum. But Charlotte, you never told us how your skin felt after? Soko Glam also added a disclaimer to its post, saying, “DISCLAIMER: We do NOT promote or recommend trying on 100 sheet masks at the same time. This video should not be recreated – it was done for fun. 🙂 To properly use a sheet mask, take one single sheet mask after cleansing and toning your skin, and apply for the duration your sheet mask instructions suggests. Pat remaining essence into skin until fully absorbed, and discard the sheet mask after use!)”

If you want to win 100 sheet masks of your own, simply follow Soko Glam’s Instagram, like the post and tag two friends. The video confirms that the 100 Layers Challenge still appears to be alive and thriving. YouTube has seen everything from 100 layers of nail polish (shudder) to hair extensions.

Kids, don’t try any of this at home.

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