These All-Male Bridal Party Photos Are Literally #WeddingGoals

Everyone knows your bridal party is among the many people who hype you up for the big day. The bridal party is one of the most important aspectsof a wedding. You pick your closest friends to be part of your most memorable experience of your life and they tag along with you until the day you say ‘I do.’ And what’s a more unforgettable event than taking bridal party photos to look back on in the future?

Just as the tradition goes, this bride decided to do something a bit different. She brought together an all-male bridal party and the outcome is priceless.

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24-year-old Rebeca Sinohara, a bride from Itajubá, Brazil, has a bunch of female friends, but her true friends are all male. Rather than having the usual female bridal party, Sinohara played with tradition and made her bridal party all of her best male friends.

“In my engineering classroom there were 56 guys and only four girls, so it’s not like I had a lot of choice,” she told BuzzFeed News. “[My bridesmen] are really great friends, and I had no doubt they would do this for me.”

Her wedding photos consisted of her and her male “bridal party” in pink silk robes getting pampered, shaving their legs, even getting mani-pedis. And it’s not an ideal bridal party photoshoot without some mimosas.

“The guys totally loved the idea right away,” she said.

Even though she originally planned to take cell-phone photos, more people started to be involved and it turned into something she never imagined.

“It was a very simple and intimate event, and everything was planned just the way we like,” Sinohara mentioned. “I can say for sure all the five guys cried.”

This bride definitely topped the list for the best bridal party ever. Everyone needs hype men like these.

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