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Boy & His Dog Wear Matching Outfits, Are Officially The Cutest Ever


What’s cuter than a boy and his dog? How about a boy and his dog who wear matching outfits? Think it can’t get any cuter? It can. The story of this pair is truly heartwarming.

Reagan is an Australian Labradoodle and his buddy, Little Buddy, is a foster child. The two were taken in by Sandi Swiridoff when they were both eleven months old and they’ve been together ever since. They share the same birthdays, meals, outfits and everything else you can think of, making them an inseparable pair.

"We'll be friends forever, won't we Pooh?" Asked Piglet. "Even longer," Pooh answered. šŸ¶ā¤šŸ‘¦šŸ¼

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The Swiridoff family have been using Reagan’s Instagram feed as a way to raise awareness for foster children and families. Sandi has also been working on a book about the adorable pair, which will help bring donations to a non-profit organization called Foster Parents’ Night Out.

The family revealed that they’ve started the adoption process for Little Buddy and Reagan will certainly tag along with him. This means that more pictures and more adorable stories are on the way.

Follow the adorable adventure that’ll last a lifetime on Reagan’sĀ Instagram

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