This Woman Responded Perfectly To An Insulting Message From A Sexist Coworker

When a text message starts with “no offense,” be prepared to be offended. Follow that up with a message that states “I am not sexist” and you have a recipe for disaster.

This is exactly what happened to Azita Rahman after she was given a promotion by her boss.

Rahman recently shared a text exchange with a co-worker who was angry over a promotion he felt he deserved because, in his own words, the role is “better suited for a man.”

The coworker began by saying “no offense,” which always means that whatever you’re about to read is offensive. He continued by saying that she was “too emotional” for making big decisions, that men are “better with numbers.” He continued by telling her that she’d be “a lot more successful as a secretary. “Don’t get offended,” he offered.

Obviously, she was totally offended.

When you receive a text message that’s this demeaning you have two choices: respond or ignore. Azita chose to respond and she did it flawlessly. She let her co-worker have it in an eloquent text message, one that demonstrated just how well-suited for the role she was.

“See the difference between you and me,” Azita began, “is that while you’re spending all your time sitting on your white ass, texting me shit like this, acting like you’re entitled to everything in the world and waiving off hard work just because you’re a man — I’m **surprise** actually working hard and getting ‘your’ promotions.”


“I’m sorry your genitals and skin color didn’t workout in your favor this time,” she continued.

She’s totally right. The co-worker’s approach started off terribly and just continued to go even more downhill from there. He was like a petulant child trying to get his point across that he was bigger, better and the possessor of a penis, so of course, the job should have been his automatically. Idiot.


Azita’s response was actual perfection. And if this wasn’t enough to make you think the infamous co-worker was horrible, Azita also released a tweet about how the co-worker used to make Islamophobic comments about her and her family.

Twitter is abuzz with people supporting Azita and we’re totally standing behind her.

Not only did Azita deserve the support, she deserves the promotion. Congrats!

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