Pope Francis’ Reaction To Meeting Donald Trump Is Painfully Relatable

Nobody is safe from Twitter, not even the Pope. Yes, 2017 has resulted in some incredible memes and the latest involves a very glum-looking Pope Francis and a joyfully orange Donald Trump.

Donald Trump met Pope Francis while visiting the Vatican. Trump has been on a diplomacy tour, visiting Israel prior to heading to the Pope’s holy city.

Trump chatted with the religious leader and then posed for some photos with his family.

Twitter noticed that Pope Francis seemed less than thrilled to be taking photos with his new acquaintance. The resulting memes will truly have you rolling.





Pope Francis also presented Trump with a copy of a letter he wrote in 2015. In the writing, the Pope warned of the effects of climate change and the need for environmental reform. Many are saying that the gift was pointed and that it was actually an expert-level work of shade by the 266th leader of the Catholic church, who knew that Trump’s stance on climate change doesn’t exactly align with his own beliefs.

There were reports of less tense moments, according to the Washington Post. Pope Francis reportedly joked with First Lady Melania Trump through an interpreter, asking her if she fed Donald Trump “potica,” a dessert from her native Slovenia that the Pope himself enjoys. Melania reportedly laughed and said, “Yes.”

After meeting Pope Francis, President Trump said, “He is something.”

Judging by the look on the Pope’s face, we’re guessing the feeling is mutual.

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