Someone Thought This Dress Made Out Of Denim Pants Was A Good Idea

Oh, where do I begin? An online store called ShopBop has clearly aspired to one up TopShop’s whole clear plastic pants fiasco and they just might have succeeded. Now, don’t get me wrong. I’ve checked out the full site, and they do have some pretty cute clothes for sale, but this… this is a lot.

I get it, fashion is meant to be expressive, and have shock value and all that jazz, but why? Seriously, who did this? When I say this, I mean this:

Yes, this is the “2 Jeans Dress.” It is literally two pairs of jeans sewn together. That’s it. Creative! The waistbands are still there, the zippers are still there, don’t even get me started on the pockets you can’t use… It’s just a lot of what nobody asked for.

Denim may be hot this summer, but only when it’s done right. What’s even worse is that they expect you to pay $445.00 for something you can make at home with minimal effort and close to no sewing skill.

The description on the site describes it as “a quirky 6397 dress made from patched-together jeans. The original waistbands are left intact, with the closures forming adjustable slits at the front and back. Adjustable shoulder straps. Unlined.”

Quirky may be an understatement. I think we can all agree that this whole thing is just ridiculous, but I can appreciate the way the model is wearing her Converse, so at least there’s that.

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