Where Is ‘Unimpressed Chloe’ Now?







Remember “Unimpressed Chloe”? Of course you do. Who could forget the absolutely adorable toddler who took the internet by storm and stole our hearts with her blasé (if not mildly uninterested) reaction to the news that she was going to Disneyland? It’s hard to believe that was four years ago. I guess time really does fly.


Chloe’s all grown up now, but that doesn’t mean the adventure’s over, not by a long shot. In fact, she’s actually the face of Google in Brazil, where she’s practically a celebrity. You know what that means? More family vacations! That’s right, Chloe and her family traveled to Brazil to sign autographs and take in the sights. Chloe’s face is all over the place, from signs to elevator doors, and she’s loving it.


It’s crazy how life can take you in completely unexpected directions. I doubt Chloe and her family expected this level of fame back in 2013 when her parents first posted the adorable reaction video online. For those of you who don’t remember, there was a time when it was all the rage to record your children with a surprise announcement involving a spontaneous trip to the happiest place on earth. (Yes, we’re talking about Disneyland and/or Disney World.) This was the family’s second surprise Disney trip, the first one being two years earlier when Lily was just turning six and Chloe was still a baby.

Over 15 million people have watched the video to see Chloe in action, with the girls’ Instagram account amassing over 553,000 followers. Both girls score modeling gigs and star in many YouTube videos, actually living the dream. Although they still take time to enjoy the simple things in life. After all, they’re still so young.

“My heart is full. I love these girls deeply!” the girls’ mom, Katie shared on Instagram. “I say this all the time BUT how did I get so lucky?”

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