14 Times ‘Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt’ Dragged U.S. Politics In Season 3

Kimmy Schmidt may have lived in a bunker for 15 years of her life, but now she’s out in the real world with Google, an incarcerated cult-leader husband, a  blossoming Pixie Stix chugging habit, and 2017 politics. In the third season of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, Kimmy herself doesn’t delve too far into politics (beside her brief and misunderstood encounter with modern-day feminism at Columbia), but Tina Fey and the show’s creators face 2017’s political tensions head-on.

Fey relies heavily on Lillian’s passionate, misinformed character to do so, setting her up as representative of Trump voters when she runs for political office, then as a citizen highly skeptical of any news source.

Here are all of the best political references in the third season, and they are scathing.

1. “I went [to college] for a year; ran out of money. Trump University. Go pricks!” -Jacqueline

2. “I don’t believe anything I hear in the mainstream media.” -Lillian

3. “You can count on me to vote no on this clean-up. Lock her up! Lock her up! Lock her up!” -Lillian

4. “Ah, this neighborhood is just a basket of deplorables.” -Lillian

5. “Two gay men can’t be friends just like a straight woman and a straight man can’t be friends. Also: women and other women.” -Titus

6. “This is America; speak English.” -Lillian

7. “Did I pop the ‘p’ in ‘Hillary Murdered Nicole Brown Simpson’?” -Titus

8. “Barack Hussein Obama, he’s a Muslim Jew.” -overheard

9. “None of it ever comes true. Swine flu, killer bees, hot tub babies, a woman president.” -Lillian

10. “New Jersey’s gonna be okay even though Chris Christie floated away.” -heard on the news

11. “Women really can be anything except presidents and late night hosts.” -Kimmy

12. “Good thing Trump’s gonna make us all rich, right?” -Jacqueline’s father

13. “I’m done being a kept woman like Melania Trump or Mrs. Claus.” -Jacqueline

14. “He’s fake news.” -Lillian

In its third season, Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt emphasizes the forces of both feminism and politics in a direct and powerful way that parts from its previous seasons, albeit slipped between jokes. (Kimmy is outraged her former mole woman is unable to run a successful cult of her own because she is a woman.) That said, don’t be concerned the new installment is dry or preachy: Fey’s third season is written with the same delightful tongue-in-cheek sharpness as ever.


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