Trix Got A Makeover (Again) & The New Color Is… Uh

Do you remember way back in the day when Trix cereal was actually shaped like fruit and everything was fun? (If that was before your time then I’m so sorry, you poor soul.) Then remember how one day somebody decided to take the cereal and make it WORSE?! Yeah, they did that again, this time with a color change!

Granted, this wasn’t exactly intended as an aesthetic change, but an “improvement” in the cereal’s health standards. General Mills has removed all artificial colors and flavors. While we can see the merit in this, something about it still doesn’t feel right.ย The internet is once again divided in the wake of this change. A good majority (mostly ’90s kids like myself) do not approve, and long for the brightly colored, fun shaped cereal we know and love.

Others are willing to compromise. Sure, we’ll be healthy if you bring the fun shapes back.

Some approve of the change.

And then there’s the group that justย does not care.

Of course we can’t dismiss the popular theory that the real reason Trix just don’t hold the same magic they used to is because Trix are for kids and we’re not kids anymore. (What dark sorcery is this then?)

Admittedly, on its own I don’t hate the new color scheme. I’s very autumn. The problem is, it’s summer and those colors really don’t belong on my number one childhood cereal, but I digress.

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