6 Instagram Accounts That Will Have You Dreaming Of Paradise This Summer

It happens year-round, but especially in the summer, when our Instagram feeds are filled with aesthetic photos of users’ vacations, whether they’re our friends or complete strangers. What follows is a serious case of wanderlust and FOMO. From Asia to Europe to the more underrated spots, it’s difficult to look away from these shots. Instead of just seeing everyone take trips, plan one of your own this summer, whether you decide to go abroad or explore neighboring states. Take inspiration from these travel Instagram accounts. Don’t forget to send a postcard.

1. @CassieDePecol


Cassie first generated attention when she launched Expedition 196, a mission to visit every country in the world. She succeeded and became the first American woman, as well as the youngest American, to visit every country. In just 18 months, she traveled to 196 countries.

2. @Doyoutravel


From brunch to beach shots, to everything in between, Jack Morris’ daredevil feed is unreal and will inspire you to live a little by sitting on the edge.

3. @Nastasiaspassport


Nastasia’s feed emphasizes texture and architecture and she’s at 40 countries and counting. Though based in NYC, her travels have taken her from Portugal to Japan. She also owns Dame Traveler, a blog documenting her travel experiences.

4. @Dreaming_outloud


With a theme of orange and yellow hues, Hailey Marie’s feed ranges from OOTDs to shots with her SO as they travel through Georgia, Utah, Texas, and the other US states.

5. @BeautifulDestinations


With a massive following of 9.2 million, BeautifulDestinations also owns six other accounts, from hotels to cuisine. With shots from a wide range of talented photographers, you’ll get inspiration on how to take your next photo.

6. @ThePrettyCities


The account lives up to its name, The Pretty Cities is for all of you girly-girls. Showcasing different shades of pink, lush florals and street corners, it’ll remind you to stop and smell the roses.

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