Our Final Rose Goes To The Bachelorette 2017 Drinking Game

Bachelorette Rachel Lindsay Facts


Rachel Lindsay has the roses, but we have the rosé!

Nick Viall may have turned her down last season, but having over 30 men compete to win your heart will have you saying, “Nick who?” very quickly.

While Rachel is looking like a princess in her expensive dresses, you’re probably in sweatpants watching this all play out on TV. Don’t worry – you’re not alone. And we even love The Bachelorette more than The Bachelor because…well…more eye candy. Plus, it’s a perfect excuse to finish a glass bottle of wine on a Monday night.

But really, what’s The Bachelorette without some finely timed drinking? That’s where our 2017 drinking game comes in handy. Grab your favorite adult juice and play along!

Take a sip when…

– Someone cries.

– Chris Harrison asks someone how they’re feeling.

– Someone says “here for the right/wrong reasons.”

– There’s a shot of someone looking into the distance at nothing in particular.

– Someone says “husband” or “wife.”

Take two drinks when…

– Host Chris Harrison uses the word “dramatic” or “shocking.”

– Rachel kisses someone.

– All the guys yell “Rachel!” in unison.

– You ask yourself, “Where did Rachel get that dress?”

– A guy takes his shirt off.

Finish your drink if…

– Someone mentions Nick Viall.

– A contestant eliminates himself.

– Shot of someone drinking on screen.

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